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Key points about the park

Who is
the park for?

You might be an existing business looking to expand closer to the source of your raw materials or a new start-up looking at using by-products from horticulture production or making alternative building products. We welcome and support businesses of all sizes.

Businesses that use the raw materials grown on the Park or across the region. From processing horticultural crops to extracting oils, bioactives and ingredients from the wide variety of native and exotic plants the region's sub-tropical climate can grow. Amongst other things, our businesses are creating food products, natural skin care products, and producing ingredients for nutraceuticals. They are also developing alternative or engineered building products.

We have businesses using the waste streams of others at the Park to reduce landfill waste and to create higher value products from the by-products of other manufacturing.

We are fostering a collaborative environment where there are mutual benefits for businesses that want to improve their quadruple bottome line and meet sustainable development goals that are attractive to impact investors.

Providing and supporting a work-ready workforce and on site and on-the-job training of the workforce to meet the skills that is bespoke for each business means that businesses have the skills they need and are supporting the local community into employment.

The Innovation Centre provides laboratory spaces to support small scale production, testing and research and development.

We are seeking businesses that have a symbiotic relationship to each other so that the benefits of the Park are increased through sharing services, logistics, and potentially R&D. Located in a region with a large number of Māori landholdings, there is potential to build your business and increase the benefits to tangata whenua through sharing knowledge and increasing their land utilisation.

What Do We Offer?

01. Fully serviced building platforms.
02. All resource consents in place by virtue of a special planning zone.
03. All development contributions paid.
04. Building design developed for your business.
05. No architect or design fees for concept plans and costing to allow you to assess the location and if it fits your business needs.
06. Design and build packages available.
07. Onsite water supply for high volume uses.
08. High grade quality horticultural sections.
09. Fully road accessible.
10. Flexible lease or land purchase options.
11. Discounted electricity line charges.
12. Wholesale electricity suppply pricing for large wattage users.
13. Support for work force development.
14. Onsite skills training facilities.
15. Reduced waste costs opportunities through closed loop environment.
16. Access to facilities in our dedicated Business Centre.

Sustainability At the Park

Manufacturing & Production Waste

  • Waste exchanges between tenants through industrial symbiosis.
  • Waste streams used for manufacturing new products e.g. coffee cherry waste is a medium for mushrooms, for medicinal use and bio plastics.

Working with Park businesses to utilise circular principles to lower operating cost and GHG Emissions taxes.

Working with the local community to create employment through waste stream management and utilisation.


  • Roof collection
  • Storm water ponds
  • Water treatment on-site
  • Water from Matawii Dam to be completed in 2022/23

Waste Management

  • Construction waste
  • Organic waste
  • Clean waste streams
  • Onsite sorting

Education & Innovation

  • Redesign, reduce, recycle, recover, dispose.
  • Everyone on site identifies and handles waste appropriately.
  • Business opportunities are created from innovative solutions to avoid, use and manage waste.

Low Emission Energy

  • Solar
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Geothermal Heat
  • Incineration/pyrolysis

What makes us

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About The Park

Our purpose is to be the centre of innovative business, processing and a circular economy using the region's abundant biological raw materials. Working collaboratively and connected to R&D, workforce training and development and local community enterprises, we provide a unique and supportive environment for businesses and their employees.

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